Friday, May 23, 2014

5 of the Fastest Growing Vegetables that You Can Plant Now - This Week in Vegetable Gardening

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3 Best Reasons for Growing Your Own Mint - Mint.  It's one of those things you either love to grow it, or absolutely hate it.  I have yet to meet someone that says "mint, eh, it's ok" ....  There are some great uses for the various choices of mint that you can grow.  Check out this article by Barbara Pleasant, that will get your mint juices flowing :)

Volunteer Tomatoes - Here is another excellent and very useful article by Barbara Pleasant.  This time Barbara tackles volunteer tomatoes.  A volunteer tomato is one that grows in a place that you didn't plant one.  More than likely a compost pile or a garden bed area when you planted them in a previous season. 

5 of the Fastest Growing Vegetables that You Can Plant - Who wouldn't like to plant a seed and a week later harvest something, everyone, right?  Well ok, even with these 5 you still won't harvest anything in a week, but you will get 5 great tasting veggies in mere weeks. 

Engraved Garden Stone – A Garden Product Review - What would a weekly vegetable gardening round up be without at least one article by garden guru, Shawna Coronado.  This week she reviews some really cool engraved garden stones by Adirondack Stone Works
10 Favorites for Ohio - Do you live in Ohio? Do you live in the same growing zone as Ohio?  If os check out this article from The Whispering Crane Institute which lists 10 herbs that are favorites for Ohio.

What Plants Attract the Most Wildlife? - Wildlife gardens are becoming all the rage.  Who can argue?  What can be cooler when see insects and other creatures that you didn't even know existed in your area, let alone they are visiting your backyard.  Check out this quick article on what you can plant to attract some garden favorites.

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