Tuesday, May 20, 2014

12 Helpful Tips to Ward off Nasty Mosquitoes

photo courtesy: http://www.pitchengine.com/insectshieldrepellenttechnology/summer-health-top-tips-to-ward-off-nasty-mosquitoes

If you like mosquitoes, raise your hand ... ok, no one raised their hands.  There is a reason why.  Mosquitoes suck.  Ok, bad attempt at a pun, but you get the point. Mosquitoes can ruin a barbecue, a camping trip and leisurely stroll through your home vegetable garden.

What makes matter worse is all this talk about various viruses that mosquitoes can carry and pass along.   Although I have not personally met anyone that has contracted any such viruses from a mosquito bite, I'd rather not take that chance.

While these won't be the end all of your tackling mosquito issues, these 12 tips for reducing mosquitoes will definitely help.  Check them out.


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