Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seeds for Schools Winner #7 - Almaden Country School

Almaden Country School
San Jose, CA
# of Students: 420

San Jose, CA is represented for the second time in our Seeds for School program this year with Pre K through 8th grade recipient, Almaden Country School.

Barbara DeMoss, fairly new to the school, is the science teacher and resident gardener as well as the submitter of Almaden’s application to our porgram. Almaden, boasts a garden 60 feet by 100 feet and Ms. DeMoss’s plan is to incorporate the garden into the science department and make it an outdoor classroom.

“This fall the children and I weeded and planted pumpkins, watermelons, beans, carrots and radishes,” said Ms. DeMoss. “We have lots of plans for the spring.”

Ms. DeMoss’s plan for the seeds is to expand their school’s garden and use that as a teaching tool to connect the students to the outdoors through science class and lunchtime learning programs.

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