Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seeds for Schools: Winner #6 - Great Salt Bay School

Great Salt Bay School
Damariscotta, ME
# of Students: 450
Gardening Programming Started: 2006

Our 6th winner in our Seeds for Schools program takes us to the state of Maine, in the town of Damariscotta, to Great Salt Bay School. Great Salt Bay is for students in Kindergarten through 8th and all grades are involved in the school’s gardening club. The 5th through 8th graders have taken it a step further and for students in those grades there is a gardening club.

The school boasts a greenhouse and a variety of raised beds where they have grown plenty of herbs, garlic and many different varieties of greens.

Great Salt Bay faculty are hoping to connect the use of their garden, gardening club and the growing of fruits, veggies and herbs to their science, social studies, math and history lessons (plants grown during specific periods in history). Future plans also include assigning students writing and research projects where they go out and find out more about the origin of what they are growing, nutritional value and more.

“We have a productive garden, raised beds and greenhouse that are well cared for and maintained by enthusiastic children,” said faculty member and application submitter Lorna Fake. “ We are in a community that strongly supports growing and buying local produce.”

Great Salt Bay hopes that the seeds they will receive will allow them to grow enough to stock the school kitchen and also to be used by their cooking club. They educate students about good nutrition and the role of local gardens and farms in promoting healthy, sustainable communities.

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