Saturday, March 3, 2012

Seeds for Schools Winner #9 - Milpitas High School

Milpitas High School
Milpitas, CA
# of Students: 2,945
Gardening Since: 2012

The winning school with the largest enrollment this year in our Seeds for Schools program is Milpitas High School located in Milpitas, CA. With a 9th grade to 12th grade enrollment of 2,945 students, Milpitas High is just starting their school’s gardening program.

Their decision to start a school garden was made to reclaim a part of the campus that had been used to store junk and trash and create a garden where their special education students could get exercise, and learn skills for recreation.

“This garden would be a boon to [our students] in terms of learning social skills,: said Dave Sorenson a faculty member at the school and the submitter of the application.

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