Monday, February 15, 2010

Gardens With Children In Mind

Making your own backyard child safe can be fun to do. It may also be a pleasure to see delighted children playing securely in it when it is finished.

Just what you'll be able to complete relies on the space you have out there, the type of back garden that you have plus your imagination. Budget need not be too much of an obstacle when you maintain an open and imaginative mind.

Youngsters prosper through spending time in a well thought out back garden which suits their needs, has their safety planned and which promotes positive and rewarding activities that may help them to grow alongside the garden in heart, assurance and understanding.

The pleasure and wonder associated with tending to seedlings and bulbs and watching them develop can teach youngsters that caring and effort can produce beneficial results. This can help them later on in life to tend to their human relationships, work and activities in order to produce growth, stability and satisfaction.

Plants that are child friendly and easy to grow range from simple vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes and strawberries to brightly colored sunflowers or herbs which can also be used in the household and encourage early cooking skill development and craft-work.

Supervision is important so that children may carry out the fun task of gardening successfully, and to make sure that they use their own child friendly tools that you can supply them with rather than adult tools which can be heavy and dangerous in little hands and which are best locked away.

Another idea you may decide to incorporate with the growing of plants may be the inclusion of a fairy backyard, or similar theme. Children love to wander around backyards with little statues of elves and fairies peering out at them from various positions. Adding wonderment and magic to the job of gardening can achieve lasting emotionally positive links between the act of gardening and pleasure that can last a lifetime.

Backyards may also have areas designated for childrens recreation. These may encourage either tranquillity and rest or rip roaring fun. Any water based activities should, again, be supervised and open water, even when not intended for use, should be covered adequately in-order to prevent accidents.

If you're concerned about the addition of water, apart from for plant growth of course, to your back garden then you may prefer to consider having a trickeling waterfall that can gently run down backyard rocks providing the pretty sound of falling water, as well as the joys of the fun that it can bring for children.

Sandpits where children can make sand sculptures and indulge in castle making can be great fun and may provide an opportunity for adults to join in with the fun, or give them some time for rest as youngsters happily create works of art by themselves.

Trampolines in the backyard can encourage exercise and the partaking of fresh air whilst kids have some fun. They could be ordered with safety supports to his or her edges so that accidents will not happen and grownups can feel at ease that playground equipment users are safe.

If you have little space available then you can still involve kids in your back garden by having them help you grow plants in containers and pots. Even a windowsill can provide children with an opportunity to experiment and enjoy growing flowers, ornamental vegetables, hanging tomatoes, herbs and flowers.

Lastly, you can encourage imaginative creativity in children by assisting them with a craft project to be produced within your back garden and which is to remain in your garden when finished. A mosaic can easily add appeal to a back garden and can keep tiny hands occupied for many joyful hours.

By: Ashiro

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