Friday, February 5, 2010

How Do I Grow Tomatoes with Limited Space?

There is no more popular vegetable (actually a fruit) to grown in the home vegetable garden today then the tomato. With over 2,000 varieties to choose from the tomato gives you many options on size, taste, color, texture, you name it.

For those of you that may live in a condo or an apartment where your space is limited, do not fear you still have plenty of room tomatoes. The bigger problem you will have is choosing which tomato you actually want to grow.

So as long as you have access to adequate sunlight and the means to water your tomatoes you then have everything you need.

The first method is using raised beds. Raised beds are great because you can build them up anywhere and on top of anything. So for example, lets say the only backyard you have is a concrete slab of patio, not to worry, build up a raised bed by using cedar wood and build a box. The length and the width should be no less than twelve inches in both directions and the height should be no less than twelve as well.

Simply fill your new raised garden with good gardening soil, available from any home or garden center for a couple of bucks, plant your seeds and you are ready to go.

If building a box does not excite you or interest you then you can always rely on the good old pot. Just like you would grow flowers in your pots, tomatoes grow great in them as well. Pots also give you the added freedom to move them around to ensure that they receive the most sunlight. Just make sure your pots are at least ten inches in diameter and twelve inches deep with holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

Implement either one of these methods this year and you can be well on your way to great tasting tomatoes fresh from your own garden in no time.

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