Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Grow Cabbage in your Home Vegetable Garden

Cabbage is one of those vegetables that you do not normally think of growing in your home vegetable garden as it is not necessarily one of the most popular vegetables to grow.

However, if you are a fan of cabbage, like me (love the wife's stuffed cabbage recipe), then adding a plant or two in the home vegetable garden is easy to do if you are willing to put in a little extra care.

Here is how you can grow cabbage in your home vegetable garden.

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  1. Mike, a final thought as I sit here enjoying your blog today! You are a man after my heart ... oh and stomach! I love seeing a man who loves his vegetables. Ha, my hubby chases his vegetables around the plate, rearranging them to make it look like he has eaten more than he has -- especially brussels sprouts. I try to give him only 5-6 at one sitting. However, hubby really LOVES my Stuffed Cabbage -- oh, to be able to grow own!