Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Make Money with your Vegetable Garden

You have put a lot of hard work into your vegetable garden and the fruits of your labor, the composting, watering, nurturing, should not go without reward. Sure you are going to enjoy the many benefits of healthy vegetables grown right in your backyard (or on your porch), but you can also earn some extra spending cash with them as well.

I have put together this small list of ideas and venues where you can give selling your delicious fruits and vegetables a try. Who knows you might even make enough to pay off a lot of bills or take a great vacation getaway.

Schools, Churches, Synagogues etc.
Is your local school or place of worship having an event to raise some money like a craft fair, science fair and so on? Chances are you can rent a table from them for as little as $10. Bring in your fruits and vegetables to sell at a price far more affordable then the competition and you can walk away with some extra cash and you will be helping out your community by supporting a good cause.

Yard Sale
You can always have a yard sale to unload any extra stuff around the house and while you are doing that you can set up a table with your fruits and vegetables on it with a sign that reads, “Grown right here in my backyard”. People can walk away with that old Jack Lalane juicer for $5 and a couple of summer squash for a couple more dollars. It is a win-win situation for you.

Flea Markets
In southern central New Jersey we have a huge flea market called Columbus. Every Sunday over a thousand people will visit and shop. For as little as $15 you can rent some table space and set up your own garden vegetable stand and sell your products. If you are prices fair and right you should have no problems selling everything you have and fairly quickly given the size of the customer base. Check for flea markets like this in your area. They have already done the leg work to bring in the customers, now all you have to do is bring in your vegetables.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
Most chain stores buy from distributors, but here in NJ when the fruits and vegetables are in season, they will buy from local farms. Now you may not grow enough to outfit an entire chain of supermarkets, but you probably grow enough to outfit the one closest to your house. Give the store owner or manager a call. Make a good deal so you are selling all of your vegetables in bulk, therefore at a lower cost. I will tell you that most nationwide chains probably won’t buy them from you, but, the local “mom & pop” stores will since you are giving them a great deal.

Vegetable gardening is such a great hobby. You can grow food for your family and with enough perseverance you also grow food for profit. Learn a few ways to save money on composting, watering and seeds, and your veggies will be even more profitable for you.

About the Author
Michael is the author of the book Vegetable Gardening for the Average Person, a practical easy to follow guide for the home vegetable gardener. You can follow him on Twitter as well as join his Facebook Fan Page.

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