Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Build a Cold Frame with Recycled Materials

Last night I was on a radio program and we were discussing fall gardening. What to plant, what not to plant, when to plant and so on. During the course of the interview, we began talking about how to protect plants in the colder months. Without hesitation I replied "use a cold frame".

A cold frame is a great way to extend your gardening season well in to the cooler months. It works similar to a green house, however it is lower to the ground, which in turn, at night, will keep the warmer air closer to the plants. It will also have a means to ventilate easily so that if it does get warm during the day, you simply open up the ventilation and let the heat out, which helps prevent "burning" your plants.

Here is a great step by step instructional that I found on building your own cold frame out of some recycled material. It's easy to build, and if you have some basic skills, you should get this done in no time.

Here are the Step by Step instructions

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