Friday, March 11, 2011

Vegetable Gardening 1st News for Friday March 11th, 2011

In today's first news we have discovered a couple of neat trends in home vegetable gardening that you are sure to enjoy. Also, we have discovered 5 really cool ideas for garden planters. Hint, don't throw away that old charcoal grill just yet. Finally, we wrap it up with an in depth article on raised beds and how they can help anyone grow the best food possible.

SPRING FORECAST: Gardening trends for 2011
Each gardening year is different, and not just with the weather. As with fashion, food and other obsessions, gardening weather trends change each season. Some stick, and others are blown away by...

5 creative, truly useful garden planters
I love every single one of these ideas for repurposing items into garden planters. Whether you have little space, little sun, or little energy to build a raised garden bed, there's a solution here for...

Vegetable gardening: Raising the bed improves your odds
There is a good chance you are among the multitude considering planting a vegetable garden this year. You may find yourself wondering where to start. Over the years I have humorously said ...

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