Saturday, February 8, 2014

#169: Mike talks with Gardening Jones about her New Gardening System


gardening jonesIn this week's episode Mike talks with Gardening Jones, an avid vegetable gardener, gardening blogger and now garden system inventor. Gardening Jones, or GJ as Mike refers to her for short, will fill you in on the challenges she faces as a gardener in the zone 5/6 region, how she overcomes them, and which vegetable gives her the most fits.

In this episode Mike and GJ will also discuss a brand new gardening system that she invented, how it works, the history behind it and how it can help anyone regardless of how much or how little space they may have.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Who is Gardening Jones and where did she get her passion for gardening
  • Gardening Jones` favorite veggies and herbs to grow at home
  • Weather challenges of zones 5/6 and some tips to overcome them
  • How does Gardening Jones preserve the harvest
  • The Gardening Jones Gardening System, what is it, and where did the idea come from
  • The Gardening Jones Blog

Items mentioned in this episode include:

About this week's Guest, Gardening Jones:

Gardening Jones is a self-proclaimed gardening addict sharing with those similarly afflicted on her blog. She has been seen on PBS, has a YouTube Channel where she shares even more info, and has been published in Horticulture magazine and is a regular contributor to their blog site as well as local publications.

She lives and gardens in Northeast Pa. zone 5/6

From the Gardening Jones Blog:
At the suggestion of our youngest daughter we started writing gardening information to help others learn to grow their own food. In the 4 years that passed, the blog has received a great deal of positive attention and we couldn’t be happier!

Perhaps it really is serendipity, as in the meantime we have also unexpectedly found ourselves looking at manufacturing a garden system we designed in answer to the frustrations we have not only experienced ourselves, but have heard from so many other gardeners. Big pests and tiny pests, insufficient room and weather issues are what gardeners deal with to one extent or another. This system helps with pretty much all of that.

Life sure is interesting.

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