Saturday, January 25, 2014

#168: Mike talks Gardening with Angela DiMaggio of MobileGro


Angela DiMaggio of MobileGroIn this week's episode Mike talks with Angela DiMaggio of MobileGro. Listen to this heart warming story of Angela's journey from retired school teacher to following her gardening passion to a successful business with the MobileGro.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • History of MobileGro
  • How Angela came up with the idea
  • Fruits, vegetables & herbs that can be grown in the MobileGro
  • How MobileGro is benefiting people with special needs
  • How to use the MobileGro
  • MobileGro features
  • The artistic design of the MobileGro

Items mentioned in this episode include:

About this week's Guest, Angela DiMaggio of MobileGro:

Angela DiMaggio is a retired school teacher currently residing in Arizona. Originally from Wisconsin (a self proclaimed cheesehead), Angela drew up a mock design of the MobileGro some years ago while at her teacher's desk, put it in the drawer and forgot all about it.

On the day she was cleaning out her desk, as she was ready to head into the sunset for retirement, the scribbled drawing of what would be become the MobileGro had fallen into her lap.

With that drawing and a passion for gardening, what was supposed to be retirement, slowing down and enjoying life, turned into a successful business with a gardening product that is not only practical, but as she quickly came to find out, useful to customers with special needs.

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