Monday, August 19, 2013

Plant Perennial Fruits for Long Term Production

Wouldn`t it be nice if all the vegetables that you plant were perennials? You plant them once and then each year the same plant simply produces more. While the chances of you getting your tomatoes to do this are virtually impossible, there are many fruits you can plant that will produce for you each year. Here are some ideas to make your fresh fruit production a little easier if you have the room.

Back in the 1960`s my in laws planted an apple tree in their backyard. Today, 50 years later, that apple tree is healthy, alive and producing very well. We pick bag loads of apples every fall. Their tree produces enough apples for not only the entire family, but practically the entire neighborhood. Not bad for a 50 year old tree. They also have a pear tree that is just as old.

Fruiting trees are of course one of the first options that come to mind. And with the various dwarf and columnar varieties, you have plenty to choose from if space is limited on your property.

Next lets talk about bushes. Again your options are limitless. I have 4 blueberry, 3 blackberry and 7 raspberry bushes. Now you might think that takes up a lot of room, but believe me they don’t. I have situated them in such a way where they get plenty of sun, but are not in the way of the use for other things in my yard. All three varieties are prolific when it comes to production. Along with trees, fruiting bushes are great options as well.

While they take up a lot space, you will get fairly good perennial production out of grapes. I have three grape vines planted on the back end of my yard. They are doing fairly well there in moderate sunlight and come back stronger each season. They won’t produce enough to make my own wine, but grabbing some fresh grapes to munch on in your backyard, to me, is a great treat.

Finally, while not a fruit, but I wanted to get it in here, is the planting of asparagus. If you like asparagus, then you must make it a part of your perennial garden. When planted properly, asparagus will produce for up to 15 years, although 10 to 12 is more likely. I have 6 asparagus plants and plan on adding 6 more next season. I love grilled asparagus.

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  1. Don't forget to let people know that growing a blueberry bush is more like growing a fruit tree than plants like raspberries and blackberries. They can take five or more years to produce a substantial amount. But once they reach maturity, the yield can be tremendous. I have picked more than 65 lbs of berries from my four bushes this summer - and they aren't quite done yet.