Monday, October 24, 2011

What do you do with your pumpkins once Halloween is over?

We posted this question on our Vegetable Gardening Facebook page. Here are the answers that we received:

Andrea: add them to your compost pile:)

Ashley: Let them stick around through Thanksgiving.

Scott: I added ours to the compost last year and a volunteer grew this year!

Antoinette: compost

Kathy: compost where they will come up the next year.

Jennifer: If it is carved, it is wayyy dead after Halloween. Trash.

Joan: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, and of course, pumpkin seeds!

Lynn-Marie: Put them out in the yard for the animals to eat over the winter.

Jill: We have taken our to a local church as they are having a weekend of floral displays. Our is called the St Anne Line Junior School Allotment Harvest Festival Display! when it is finished the pumpkins will be donated to the church for them to cook for the public! ; )

Wendy: Compost!

Upinak: Alaska Moose try to eat them. I only put them out the night of halloween. After the initial freeze, I thaw them out and begin to make pumpkin puree for muffins, bread, pies etc. Unless the moose get them!

Jon: street decoration / speed bumps :))

Kelli: feed them to my chickens..

Brenda: My husband puts them out in the field for the deer.

Tammy: we play chunkin punkin!!

Lori: throw them in the compost bin

Sarah: compost pile

Carolynn: roast the seeds in the oven and use the rest to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookie whoopie pies. Of course this is from a painted pumpkin, not a jack-o-lantern.

Jane: I put some in the compost pile and leave some out for the squirrels.

Cathy: feed them to the goats or pigs, they love them

Joanna: I just a picture of a pumpkin martini so now I'm thinking pumpkin liqueur has to be the way to go....!

David: Deer bait

Karen: My jack-o-lanterns usually get stolen.....:-(

Christa: right back into the gardens. This year I had beautiful volunteer pumpkin plants.

Mark: Pumpkin pie...what else, after all it seems everything people buy at the store is making them sick. Growing your own is the BEST!

Pamela: I like to line them up along the back of my empty garden.They give me something colorful to look at from my kitchen window.The squirrels love them, and they usually eat most of them before we get a hard freeze...which really does them in. I love pumpkins!! I try growing them every year...never much luck, but it sure is fun to try! C'mon SPRING!

Chad: Target practice!

Michele: Cut them in half and let my chickens eat them!

Edens Nursery: compost

Jeanne: compost!

Laurie: compost- but gotta roast the seeds!!

Amanda: throw em out I just started gardening alone all my life up til two months ago I relied on my grandma for gardening and tips tricks and how tos so I'm taking over her plants, and flowers so they will cont to live

Teresa: Feed them to the PIGS!

Sally: The little piggies get dessert.

Jane: omg.... where do i start...u guys are a bit weird in the northern hemisphere......we eat em many many different ways down here in the south!! Soup, muffins, roasted, mashed,pies........

Cheryl: give them to the critters!

Iron Oak Farm: Feed them to our goats and chickens.

Janet: will put in field for the deer

Be sure to check out these great books on what to cook or bake with your leftover pumpkins.

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