Friday, June 17, 2011

No E. Coli for Backyard Vegetable Gardeners

In the midst of the European e. Coli tragedy, which has made its way to the United States, more home vegetable gardeners believe that it will create a flood of even more people growing their own fruits and vegetables in their backyards.

“When the fruits and vegetables come from your own backyard you know its safe,” says Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC owner Mike Podlesny. “When you grow your own food you know what goes into the soil, because you control every factor into producing it.”

To date the latest E. Coli epidemic has killed 31 people and sickened over 3,000 people. The early indication as to its cause are bean sprouts although that has not been confirmed.

“To the best of my knowledge I have never heard of anyone who has suffered from E. Coli resulting from foods grown in one’s own backyard,” continues Podlesny whose company operates the Seeds of the Month Club ( which reduces the cost of seeds to help more people get involved in home vegetable gardening.

Podlesny, a 3rd generational home vegetable gardener, has been home vegetable gardening since he was a kid. “Many people are so disconnected from the food they eat that outbreaks like these should not surprise anyone. You would never spray a chemical on your tomato plants, harvest them, then feed them to your family, but that’s what happens all the time.”

As the World Health Organization and other International officials scramble to find out what is causing the latest E. Coli outbreak, home vegetable gardeners say they are sitting back and relaxing, enjoying safe food.

About the Author
Mike Podlesny is the owner of Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC, the exclusive home of the Seeds of the Month Club, which has appeared on NBC, ABC and MSN Money as a great way for consumers to save money.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Seeds of the Month Club:

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