Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Composting Chip Bags

In the gardener's handbook, composting ranks highest in usefulness for
growing rich, healthy plants. You can compost anything that is
biodegradable, that is natural and does not contain any harsh chemicals. All
that is needed for compost, some food waste, plant remains, and oh yeah,
your empty bag of sun chips.

That's right, sun chip bags are now 100% compostable according to Frito-Lay
North America inc. The average gardener now is a little bit more average by
using their favorite bag of chips to feed the environment. These new bags
are made from plants and compost in as little as 14 weeks. The companies
message is that of recycling and by making a compostable bag any person can
recycle it, even in their compost-and being that sun chips are healthier
than most snack foods, the only option left for Frito-Lays healthy chip was
being healthy for the environment.

Not only are the bags compostable, they will compost in both aerobic and
anaerobic conditions (with or without air) above 55 degrees Fahrenheit in as
little as 12-16 weeks. It should be treated as if it were a plant, according
to Frito-Lay, just mix in with compost and it will break down. With growing
concerns about the environment and global warming, leaving someone to wonder
"why haven't these bags been developed earlier?"

This resourceful application will be a great asset, financially,
economically and globally, not only to the average garden, but to the entire
planet. From earth, to processing plant, to store, and back again, is an
achievement that has been long overdue. That's one more thing that can be
incorporated into the gardener's handbook that can be beneficial and
economically sound, which is surprising because they taste great. My one and
only question left is: "If I litter a compostable bag, will I still get a
$500.00 fine?"

About the Author
Tyler Blossom is a contributing writer for Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC the exclusive home for the Seeds of the Month Club.

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