Monday, June 28, 2010

Gardening in any Economic Climate

Gardening can have many significant benefits; whether it is for self-gratification; off-setting grocery bills; fresh herbs for dinner; or lending a helping hand to the environment. However, in this economic climate many have had to rethink their living situations and have relocated themselves to apartment or condominiums. As a result, many people may have given up on the garden, due to limited space. It may seem like a poor decision to start planting again, however, it's actually quite the contrary and I find that the apartment is the perfect place for your own home grown garden.

Gardening product providers have developed many new planting options to give its clientele the resources to plant more efficiently and more abundantly, even if it be on a porch or balcony. One product that has been developed that is very beneficial is the quick start planting pellets. Just simply add water to the condensed pellets and once they expand, just plant your vegetable or herb of choice. Next place in the humidity inducing chamber and wait about a week for your seeds to sprout. Once they have germinated, all that is left to do is plant in your pot of choice.

Utilizing the railings as support is great way to save in areas with limited space. There are specialized planters for purchase that are designed to hang from balcony railings that extend outward, to gain usage of space that is otherwise useless. I find these planters are perfect for herbs or even flowers to add some color to your outdoor patio. Another inventive idea is to plant vine-like plants, such as cucumbers. By slinging them over the side, and letting them grow downward, it can give plants more strength and use less space in order to grow plants that need plenty of room to spread out.

I have utilized all these techniques to grow a diverse range of plants, from cucumbers to cilantro, from cacti to columbines, and even onions. Living in apartment, planting did not seem to be a plausible option. However, it was one of the best, inexpensive decisions that you will ever make. All these resources can be found at your local supercenter. Whether you are planting for fun, food or flavor, it can still be done, even if it's just a patio.

About the Author
Tyler Blossom is a contributing writer for Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC the exclusive home for the Seeds of the Month Club.

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