Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tips to Make Money from Your Home Vegetable Garden

I wanted to write an article that goes beyond the basic tips, tricks and techniques for proper growth of fruits and vegetables. I wanted to share some ideas that can help fellow vegetable gardeners take their love of the hobby to earn a little extra cash which could go a long way to pay for much needed supplies.

I posted a request on our vegetable gardening Facebook fan page for ideas on how other vegetable gardeners use their garden to make some money. Here are some ideas that the fans wrote back with.

Roger Marshall, author of the book How to Build Your Own Greenhouse, recommends growing herbs and produce that are typically out of season. Out of season produce will usually command higher prices from local restaurants and shops. Of course being able to provide enough herbs and vegetables to local restaurants takes enough area to grow everything you need, so if you have a smaller home garden this option may not be for you, but for those that do have ample land, this is definitely a great money maker.

Do you know how to can your vegetables? Jar your jams? Pickle your cucumbers? According to Ellen Christian, a working mom blogger, she suggests that if you posses these skills, it creates a tremendous opportunity to sell fresh grown fruits and vegetables to friends and neighbors.

Tia Meer, of Homegrown Delights, LLC based out of Orlando, FL, uses their 600 square foot garden to sell sprigs or perennial herbs such as rosemary, lavender and lemon grass. Tia also starts all of her vegetables from seed and then sells four inch starter plants of vegetables and herbs for one dollar through three dollars. Her final tip was to get in touch with a local co-op where Tia says she has plenty of success selling her produce through them as it eliminates the need for interaction with customers.

Sure none of theses ideas will make you a millionaire (of course I never said they would), but what they can do is help you with the cost of maintaining the fun hobby of vegetable gardening.

About the Author
Mike is the owner of Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC where you can sign up for their Seeds of the Month Club and receive 4 packs of vegetable, fruit and herb seeds every month.

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